Airway-Focused Dentistry Simulates Growth & Development

Your Child Can Benefit From Airway-Focused Breathing

  • Better body function & development
  • Maximum growth potential
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Help your child hit their full potential
  • Healthier breathing habits.

There are many reasons why you should breathe in through your nose instead of the mouth. You’re able to take deeper breaths, which provides more oxygen to the body. And that makes for healthy tissue and organ function. Other wonderful benefits include balanced pH levels, a feeling of calmness, and better athletic performance. Proper breathing through the nose is essential. At Ari Pediatric Dentistry, we realize this, and it’s why we offer airway-focused dentistry.

According to research published by the National Library of Medicine, approximately half of all children regularly breath through their mouths. Unfortunately, most parents and kids are unaware of how this could be harming their health and development.

7 Ways Your Child’s Health Can Be Impacted

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea
  2. Crowded/crooked teeth
  3. Frequent infections (tonsilitis, ears, etc.)
  4. Bedwetting
  5. Low energy level
  6. Picky eating
  7. Altered facial growth.

By bringing your child into our pediatric practice, we’ll identify if mouth breathing is an issue and offer ways to correct it. The earlier we catch it – ideally before the age of 5 – the better. These are the years when growth potential is at its highest point.

During an appointment, we’ll see that your child has the best possible tongue and lip rest posture and that they are breathing through their nose correctly and feeding and sleeping. Depending on what we find, we may recommend myofunctional therapy or a frenectomy.

Call today! Our team would love to hear from you and get your child scheduled for a thorough check of their breathing technique.