Cleanings & Checkups For Your Child

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  • Keep teeth and gums healthy
  • Catch any concerns early on
  • Learn about oral health risks
  • Ease your child’s fears about the dentist
  • Instill good hygiene habits right away.

If you recently welcomed a child into the family, you’re probably wondering when you should take them to a pediatric dentist. The short answer is by their first birthday or by the time their first tooth emerges. It’s vital to set kids up for a lifetime of oral health success at an early age. The sooner, the easier it is to reduce their fears about dental care and the better odds that they’ll form and keep good oral hygiene habits.

Dental Exams, Cleanings & Checkups

After your first visit, we recommend bringing your child to our pediatric dental office every six months. This will enable us to spot any concerns early on before they get out of hand and lead to serious oral health issues.

During these exams, we’ll take a look at how your child’s teeth, mouth, and gums are developing and if they are in good health. If we notice any significant changes, development of decay, or concerns, we’ll alert you – the parent or guardian – right away and advise what course of action is best. We believe families should be able to make informed decisions about their child’s smiles.

Our team will take x-rays of your child’s teeth to confirm if there is a cavity or orthodontic irregularities. Our professional cleaning is necessary because it eliminates the plaque and debris that at-home brushing and flossing just can’t remove. There are some hard-to-reach places in our mouths!

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