Computer-Assisted Anesthesia: No Need For A Traditional Needle

Computer-Assisted Anesthesia For Relaxing Appointments

  • Removes dental fear
  • Better future visits
  • No stinging caused by a needle
  • Less discomfort
  • Hardly noticeable!

For our wonderful patients, we take a different approach to freezing. First, we place a topical anesthetic on their gums to desensitize them. Next, we use The Wand, a computer-driven system, to administer the anesthetic slowly and controlled. If your child is quite anxious about the freezing needle, this will help make their worries disappear.

Other advantages of using computer-assisted anesthesia include less pain and no more numbness. If your child fears needles and the unpleasant sting they cause, then this is for them. And as pediatric dentists, it helps us relax more, too, knowing that we’re not an intimidating and scary figure trying to treat your child!

How Is It Painless?

It’s all in the slow, controlled speed that the anesthesia comes out of the needle. The injection has time to numb the tissue in front of the needle. That means the patient won’t feel the stinging and tightening sensation from an ordinary injection.

Other benefits:

  • The Wand can freeze one tooth at a time
  • Your pediatric dentist uses a foot pedal to administer it, making for a consistent flow
  • Predictable results
  • Greater patient satisfaction.

What do actual dental patients have to say about computer-assisted anesthesia? If you look online, you’ll find video testimonials. Many recurring comments include: “I didn’t feel a thing.” “It was completely pain-free.” “My child didn’t flinch.” “I’d take the wand over a normal injection.”

Dentistry doesn’t have to be intimidating for your child! Contact Ari Pediatric Dentistry, pediatric dentists in London, for relaxing, pressure-free appointments. We’re confident your child will have a big smile on their face after their visit.