Digital Imaging & X-Rays To Get An Accurate Smile Diagnosis

Digital Imaging & X-Rays: A Black & White Diagnosis

  • low radiation
  • faster treatment time
  • environmentally friendly
  • painless
  • top-quality images for diagnosis

As pediatric dentists in London, we use technology to pinpoint dental issues and make every child’s visit the best it can be.

5 Benefits Of Digital Imaging & X-Rays

  • Accuracy – Our team at Ari Pediatric Dentistry gets a clear picture of the inside of your child’s teeth and gums. This makes for a more accurate diagnosis and allows us to customize treatment to them.
  • Efficient appointments – A digital x-ray is taken in a matter of seconds. Unlike traditional methods, no film needs to be developed. This equals less time in our dental chair and the office.
  • Low radiation – As all parents, you want to protect your child from anything that could be considered unsafe. Digital x-rays contain up to 90% less radiation than film. And no harmful chemicals are used.
  • Easy to look at – At Art Pediatric Dentistry, our dentists can look at the image on a screen and magnify areas that require closer inspection. This makes treatment planning for little ones a breeze!
  • Pain-free – Your child won’t be in any pain when we take an x-ray.

There are various types of digital x-rays. They can be taken outside of the mouth (extraoral) and inside the mouth (intraoral). Intraoral x-rays are the type that is most regularly used. The two different types of intraoral x-rays are bite-wing x-rays and periapical x-rays. Bite-wings require the patient to bite down on a sensor so that an image of a specific part of the mouth can be taken. It’s often used to detect tooth decay, inspect the condition of bone around teeth, and assess the integrity of restorations. Periapical x-rays reveal the inside of the entire tooth and the bone that surrounds it.

A type of extraoral x-ray is a panoramic x-ray. A machine rotates around your child’s head, capturing all of their teeth in the upper and lower arch.

Reach out to our team today to book an appointment for your child. We have the technology on hand to give them excellent smile care!