Early Orthodontic Treatment Prevents Future Smile Problems

Discover The Advantages Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

  • Protect your child’s future smile
  • Save time and money by acting now
  • Fewer dental appointments for your child
  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • Ensure proper speech and eating technique

Could your child need early orthodontic treatment? The Canadian Association of Orthodontists says that the perfect time for an evaluation is between 6 and 8. This is when the first permanent molars have emerged, making it possible for any of our London pediatric dentists to notice any emerging concerns. While treatment may not be necessary until years down the road, this appointment will give you an idea of what to expect and have a plan in place for the future.

Did you know… your child can inherit orthodontic issues or they can be the result of dental disease, abnormal swallowing, or injury.

7 Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Treatment

  • Speech issues
  • Crooked teeth that meet in an abnormal bite
  • Problems chewing or biting food
  • Top or bottom jaws appear large or small
  • Crowding occurs as permanent teeth come into place
  • While chewing, they inadvertently chew or bite their lips.

While your child still has baby teeth in their mouth, there are various problems we can detect including crossbites, underbites, excessively spaced teeth, teeth that meet abnormally or not at all, crowding, and problematic thumb sucking that is detrimental to the development of the teeth and jaws.

At Ari Pediatric Dentists, we see kids from infancy all the way through to their teen years. We have several programs and services that can make a difference in the development of your child’s smile. We know that it can be easier to treat certain orthodontic conditions earlier rather than later. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to our team!