The Intraoral Camera Makes For Exceptional Treatment Outcomes

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  • great for early detection
  • enhanced patient education
  • accurate dental treatments
  • better for insurance claims
  • stand-out patient experience.

Intraoral cameras are small, handy tools that benefit patients and the pediatric dentists who use them to detect and explain certain smile conditions.

What Exactly Is An Intraoral Camera?

It’s a handheld device (a wee bit longer than a pen) that goes inside a patient’s mouth to capture high-quality images, which are then displayed on an LED monitor. The images allow us to closely look at the nuances of the mouth, gums, and teeth, unlike ever before. With this technology, your child’s pediatric dentist is able to offer more specific, customized treatment plans.

What else makes intraoral cameras so great? Well, they make it possible to show patients – right on the spot – what’s happening in their mouths. They see what we see via the screen. It makes it a lot easier for us to explain what’s happening and educate the patient and their parents when there’s an image to go with it. And best of all, we can hold onto these images for future records. We think that’s pretty cool!

Dental issues we can show and explain include:

  • crowding
  • missing teeth
  • bite problems
  • cavities.

We can even show video footage of your child’s smile to them. This makes for a fun, interactive experience that they’ll love. It’s a safe tool that won’t cause any discomfort, which is quite the opposite of dental mirrors. They can cause children to gag – and nobody wants that!

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