Nitrous Oxide Is A Safe Way To Help Your Child Relax

Nitrous Oxide Makes For A More Pleasant Dental Visit

  • takes the pain out of treatment
  • reduces dental anxiety
  • quick recovery time after sedation
  • kids may not remember their visit
  • safe to use.

If you’ve experienced nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for a dental procedure before, then you know just how much easier and enjoyable it made your experience in the chair.

Well, it’s just as good for many young dental patients. As a pediatric dentist in London, we routinely use it to alleviate anxiety, create a numbing effect, and enhance our communication with kids during treatment. It’s definitely the safest form of conscious sedation. So… there’s absolutely no need for concern! For most kids, it makes getting a filling or extraction a positive experience. And this lays the foundation for an excellent mental relationship with dentists and future dental visits.

How We Administer Nitrous Sedation

The gas is provided to your child through a tiny nosepiece. They’ll be awake at all points of their treatment. The effects of the gas wear off rather quickly after we’re finished our work.

To be able to provide your child with laughing gas, we need to first get consent from you. In rare cases, a child may vomit while under sedation or their oxygen levels may decrease. If that happens, we’ll provide oxygen through a mask.

Feelings your child will experience include:

  • sleep and relaxed
  • they’ll know what’s happening around them but won’t stress about it
  • feeling like they’re floating
  • warmth
  • tingly feet and hands.

After it’s all said and done, our pediatric team will monitor your child for a short period before you both leave. If they feel nauseous or sick, it’s completely OK for them to drink water or clear liquids.

Have questions about nitrous oxide and whether it’s suitable for your child’s subsequent treatment? Contact Ari Pediatric Dentistry, and we’ll answer any questions you have. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon.