Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation Makes Dental Visits More Convenient & Comfortable

  • better patient experience
  • children are cooperative
  • multiple treatments in one visit
  • reduce dental anxiety
  • improved communication during treatment.

If your child has mild to moderate anxiety about dental visits, we’d like to tell you about oral sedation and how it will make their experience a more pleasant one.

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation comes in liquid or pill form. While it won’t cause your child to fall into a deep sleep, it will put them into a deeply relaxed, euphoric state. Throughout their procedure, they’ll be able to respond to their pediatric dentist in London. However, they may not end up remembering a thing from their visit. It provides a high level of comfort and really makes a difference with children who would other be uncooperative. And it’s incredibly convenient for you and us! Oral sedation makes it possible to complete multiple or complex procedures requiring numerous visits in just one or two appointments.

We highly recommend oral conscious sedation. We provide it to kids before they undergo treatment. This is because it needs a bit of time to kick in.

3 Goals Of Oral Sedation Include:

  1. Provide the most comfortable, efficient, and high-quality service for your child
  2. Control poor patient behavior that interferes with the care we provide.
  3. Produce a positive psychological attitude in kids towards future visits.
  4. Promote patient safety and welfare.

For a tiny percentage of our pediatric patients, oral sedation may not be the right option if there are extensive dental needs or insufficient response to the medication. Call our team today for any questions about this anxiety-reducing option!